Writing a Post-Pandemic Business Plan

Updated: Mar 23

Writing a Post-Pandemic Business Plan

With the start of 2021 and the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine, employers and industry leaders alike are predicting what the future of their businesses and industries might look like. The start of Covid-19 and 2020 brought on enormous challenges for all industries, so it’s important for business owners to begin planning as best they can for what’s ahead. As medical breakthroughs point to eventual re-openings, it’s time for business owners to begin creating a post-Covid business plan.

There are many unknowns when it comes to the future of business but planning for and anticipating any potential outcomes will help keep your business moving forward in our return to normalcy. According to Harvard Business Review, there are three major questions for business owners to consider when creating a post-Covid business plan:

  • Determine how your business really makes money.

  • Define crucial stakeholders and how their behaviors affect your business model.

  • Research and make informed judgments about people’s behavior post-Covid.

Learn more about how to analyze these projected behaviors and how to use that information to create your new business plan.

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