Manage culture with Workhuman products - free through Q1 2021

Updated: Mar 23

You can’t decorate a cubicle, give someone a wrapped gift, or share a hug during COVID-19. Without those, many people are forgetting to celebrate anything during quarantine. Workhuman is offering “Conversations” and “Life Events” products free for almost an entire year. Conversations is a workforce productivity and monitoring tool, while Life Events focuses on building deep connections through celebrations and well wishes.

Manage culture with Workhuman Products, Fighting For Small

Why this, why now?

“According to a Workhuman/SHRM report, when employees are very/somewhat satisfied with the celebration of life events, they are nearly 2x as likely to agree their company is a good place to work.” At a time when the connection is hard to come by, prioritizing human-ness will pay off long after quarantine ends.

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