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Hootsuite, social media management tool, free through July 1

Updated: Mar 22

If you’ve been wasting precious time (and getting irritated with the tediousness of it all) toggling between countless tabs of social media, posting relevant images, links, and responses throughout the day to multiple platforms… or even worse, if you’ve ignored social media because you don’t have time: here’s your chance. Hootsuite’s Professional plan is free for businesses hit by COVID-19 through July 1. This platform allows you to plan, create, and schedule social media posts across multiple platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).

Hootsuite Covid-19 Small Business Support, Fighting For Small

What’s so great about that?

Posting during lunch time and evenings is the best time to post on Instagram - but they’re the exact times you don’t want to be working. Hootsuite allows you to pre-schedule so your social media is active even when you’re not. With this 30 day trial, you can measure the impact (and time savings) of pre-planning, then decide if it’s worth it to take the plunge.

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