Small businesses employ over half of U.S. workers.*


We are a nation of small businesses.

Today, 99.7% of US companies have 500 or fewer paid employees, 

and they create more than 63% of new jobs each year. *

Small business owners are the everyday heroes of our nation. Daycares that care for our kids while we’re at work, teaching them some of their most important lessons. Restaurants that serve us anniversary dinners, reminding us why we got married in the first place. Garages that fix a flat so we can get to work on time. 


Behind every candlelit dinner, pre-school dropoff, and flat fix is a small business owner who had a vision and fought for it.


They weathered late nights, launched websites, kept the books, swept the stoop, tightened purse strings, and kept their passion alive.

And now they're fighting to weather Covid-19 so that we still have a local mechanic we trust, a safe place to drop our kids, a favorite restaurant to celebrate a belated anniversary.


They're fighting to be there for us.  And when we open our doors and walk down our streets, you bet we want to see them there.


That’s why we’re fighting to get small businesses access to resources, information, and funding to help them survive. That’s why we’re fighting for small.



*Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy. Frequently Asked Questions, 2016, Accessed 3 Jun. 2020.